Our Company is comprised of multiple brands serving our design and lifestyle customers across multiple lifestyle channels.

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Founded in 2014, Lilian Sidney Venture is a professional lifestyle development and vision generation company. We are a subsidiary of the Kier Company design and lifestyle brand. Since our founding in 2014 LSV has focused on relationship development and strategic positioning in order to provide our clients with the necessary resources to achieve their life goals.  The Lilian Sidney Venture client profile consists of business professionals,  industry leaders, superstars, content creators, and popular culture influencers. We are not a talent management company. 

Our goal as a professional lifestyle development and vision generation firm is to provide our clients with the essential key resources to develop and visualize what is asleep, engage what's missing, and build what's yet to be created.  We turn lifestyles into luxury!

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Founded in May of 2014, the House of Kier is an online digital design and lifestyle publication. Our audience of readers consists of the most fantastically eclectic people from around the world.  They possess an interest and curiosity in how to enhance their lifestyle. The House of Kier  is a creative playground that allows to explore the world of design and lifestyle from anywhere in the world.  Our goal is to educate and inspire you while turning your lifestyles into luxury. It is our goal and promise to introduce you to a world of design and lifestyle that is easy, effortless, and attainable. Welcome to the House of Kier the voice of Modern Luxury!